We believe dealers are leaving billions of dollars on the table., control should be in the hands of the dealer., there is a better way.

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Revolutionizing the heavy equipment marketplace.

The global heavy equipment market is huge. It encompasses earthmoving, material handling, excavation and demolition, mining, and more. The sheer size of the market and its segmentation by type, application, industry, and region has made it highly fragmented. The cumulative inefficiencies in the global industry costs OEM dealers more than $9 billion a year in incremental revenue and avoidable costs.

As the world’s first online, dealer-only wholesale marketplace for the global trade of both on-and off brand heavy equipment, THE Exchange provides an innovative solution with a unique patent pending software platform that aggregates buyers and sellers in a real time transactional environment. Supply is instantly matched with demand and can be accessed from any Internet connected device. Finally, a trading platform without boundaries has been created in which dealers have access to a seemingly endless or virtual inventory of used heavy equipment.